TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow to animate the display?


Radar Alive! archives the data it receives for up to an hour. This data can be used to produce an animated display.

To animate the display, press the forward-50pct.png button.

To end the animation, press the same button, which will look like pause-50pct.png.


TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow to Participate in the Support Forum


You are encouraged to participate in our suggestions and support forum in Yahoo Groups.

The forum is located at


TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow to get Help?


Radar Alive help is accessed from the standard Android context menu button.

  1. Press the Android context menu button (or icon on some models) to display the context menu at the bottom of the screen
  2. Press the help button HelpButton-50pct.png to display the first help screen:
  3. You can then navigate the help with the Next-Button-50pct.png and Back-Button-50pct.png buttons, or finish with Done-Button-50pct.png