TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow do I show storms in my area?

  1. Center the display on your location by pressing the location button:gps_white-50pct.png
  2. Long-press on your location to display:Set-Radar-Site.png
  3. Select "YES"
  4. Select your product by:
    • Press the menu button:scope-50-pct.pngto display:Display-Menu.png
    • Press "Select Product" to display:Select-Product.png
    • Select "Comp Reflectivity" (for example) to show:Select-Product-Comp-Refl.png
    • Select "Comp Refl 248"



TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow to select a radar site?


There are two ways to select a radar site:

  1. Press the menu button scope.png to show::Display-Menu.png
    • Press "Select Radar" to showSet-Radar-Site-States.png
    • Select the state to show (CO for example):Site-Selection.png
    • Select the radar site
  2. OR, long-press on the screen to find the nearest radar:Set-Radar-Site.png