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TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngWhy Doesn't My Radar Loop?

QUESTION:: I press the loopforward-50pct.png button and nothing happens. What's wrong?

ANSWER: Radar Alive! may take a little time to fetch older images in order to loop. When you select a new radar or product, it starts accumulating images as they are produced, and it remembers them for an hour. Thus, if you select a new product or radar, it may have no images saved, and the loop will increase in length as older images are fetched, or newer images are generated.

TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngHow do I find a tornado on the radar?

QUESTION: How do I find a tornado on the radar?

ANSWER:There is no simple answer to this question. Radar interpretation is a difficult subject and finding a tornado is not always easy. Some torandoes may not show up at all, and false alarms are common (about 70% of tornado warnings issued by the weather service based on radar turn out to be wrong).


Here are some links that may help. Note that Radar Alive does not currently show the torando vortex signature(TVS) indicator shown in some links, and that the TVS:is not a reliable indicator of a tornado.

TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngWhy do I see no images, and a status of "Waiting or No Data?"

QUESTION: Why do I see no images, and a status of "Waiting or No Data?"

ANSWER: These messages usually indicate an internet networkHowever problem. , they can also be caused by:

  • The radar site may be down.
  • The radar site may not provide the selected product (most common with dual-polarity products as of Spring, 2012)

TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngWhy Aren't There More Questions Here?

QUESTION: Why aren't there more questions in this section?

ANSWER: You haven't asked yet! Please, if you have a question or usage problem or suggestion, use our Forum or the Feedback form to let us know, so we can help you and others.