TornadoOnlyCyclonic64.pngUnderstanding GPS and network location


Most Android devices can provide your current location from either the network (cellular or WiFi) or a built-in GPS. Radar Alive! can use either of these sources.

Radar Alive! uses location data to:

  • Show your location on the map
  • Show the range and bearing from you to any point you tap on the map
  • Center the map on your position when you tap the position button.

Considerations about location sources:

  • GPS:
    • is very accurate
    • may consume significant battery power
    • may not work indoors
  • Network location data:
    • is less accurate than GPS, and in rural areas may be very inexact
    • consumes negligible battery power
    • works any place there is a cellular signal

Using Location Data

The location button on the bottom right of the screen shows location status:


The location button changes color to show location status:

  • gps_white-50pct.png indicates a good fix (<1000 ft, <4 minutes old)
  • gps_white_orange-50pct.pngindicates a recent fix with poor accuracy
  • gps_yellow_red-50pct.pngindicates a stale fix (>4 minutes old)